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Our business plan writers develop plans that can help you clearly define your business goals, objectives, and attract business opportunities from investors.  Save time and increase your capital raising opportunities by hiring a 1B-startup Business Planner. Collaborate with authors to create a custom business plan for your industry.

Find a business planner who knows your industry.
Our writers are experienced professionals who have written hundreds of business plans. This means that our team will likely have people with experience in your specific industry.

Business planners for your niche of business

Business plans for startups

  • Set milestones for success
  • Accurate start-up costs
  • Fully define the company's vision

Business plans to pitch to investors

  • A plan designed to meet the expectations of lenders
  • Ensure financial forecasts are realistic
  • Prepare a solid plan to support a pitch

Business plans for retail, e-commerce, restaurants and other popular industries

  • Get a writer with experience and expertise in your industry
  • Tips on the details critical to success in your industry
  • Develop a strong value proposition that stands out from the competition

Business plan writing steps

1. Research and Discovery

First, we gain a deep understanding of the business. Then we start the market research and study the growth drivers.

2. Plan writing

Once the research is complete, we will create the main parts of your business plan and provide you with a draft for your consideration.

3. Financial plan

We turn your financial assumptions into an all-inclusive forecast that lenders and investors need.

4. Design and Review

You can receive a stylish business plan with a design that matches your brand. You can then print the plan or share it online using your unique personal link.

Business Plan Construction process

There are several types of business plans, but it is important to understand the type of business plan required for each purpose. Otherwise, future investors and lenders may not fully understand your goals. We ask questions to ensure that you have a business plan that meets the needs of your business, startup, or company.

Contact a business plan writer to discuss options and learn more about the types of business plans offered and what you need to do next to get started. It's not easy and makes all the difference to the success of your business or business trip.

We create your business plan according to your wishes: for example a small business plan for a landlord or a larger and more extensive one for investor acquisition. Likewise, we can only create individual parts that you do not want or cannot edit. In any case, we work individually in constant consultation with you.

A business plan consists of two parts, the business concept and the financial plan (or budget). The two parts are graphically revised and brought into report form. At best, a pitch deck can be created for this purpose.

Business concept and Financial planning

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